...now imagine where Fonte Azzurrina is born...

Fonte Azzurrina, a taste of Tuscany

In Garfagnana, in the province of Lucca, into the heart of the Apuan Alps Natural Park of Tuscany, is where Fonte Azzurrina is born, at 806 meters above sea level, the ONLY mineral water in Italy with a pH at the source of 8.7.
No one better than us…

The rustling of the wind, the crunch of chestnut trees, the sound of Capricchia bells, the screech of the hawk, the majesty of the eagle, the buzzard’s whistle, the stealthy look of a fox, a wolf in the distance.

This breath-taking scenery and unique landscape are what we see at our Betulla source, conveying a feeling of serenity and wellbeing. Here is where the water is born, in a quiet, perfect harmony with nature.

Fonte Azzurrina, a pure and light water, brings the values of Tuscan tradition in the best bars and Italian restaurants and, of course, on the family table ever since.

The compass of transparency

Fonte Azzurrina:
Latitude: 44.083115
Longitude: 10.334709

La bussola della trasparenza