Fonte Azzurrina semplicemente pura

Simply pure

Fonte Azzurrina is pure and sincere, as it is born.

Bottled without any Physico-chemical treatment into the establishment, collocated next to the Betulla source, regularly checked by periodic analysis performed by third parties authorized by the Ministry of Health and painstakingly self-monitored by meticulous internal laboratory procedures.

Simply pure

Microbiologically pure

Analysis show that Fonte Azzurrina water is microbiologically pure.

  • pH at the source = 8.69
  • Fixed residue at 180 °C = 57,0 mg/L
  • Very low levels of nitrate and sodium = 0,00036%
  • Temperature of the water at the source = 9,5 °C
  • Conductivity at 20 °C = 88,6 μS/cm
  • Water hardness in French degrees = 4,2 °F

pH at the source


Fixed residue at 180 °C

57,0 mg/L

Nitrate and sodium


Temperature at the source

9,5 °C

Conductivity ta 20 °C

88,6 μS/cm


4,2 °F