Daily health

Not all water is the same!

Do not buy publicity, buy Fonte Azzurrina!

A balanced diet, very alkaline foods as fruits, vegetables and mineral water Fonte Azzurrina, all these things help to maintain the natural pH of the organism, an essential condition for the proper functioning of our metabolism.

Fonte Azzurrina reduces water retention and improves physical fitness

Thanks to its particular composition and to the low residue levels, Fonte Azzurrina increases diuresis and reduces water retention.

In this way, it reduces the oedema, localized adiposity and kidney disease for a greater well-being.

The best alkaline pH in Italy, for daily health

Fonte Azzurrina with an 8,7 pH is the most Alkaline water in Italy. The pH is so high that gives to Fonte Azzurrina the important ability to restore the balance of acidity in the organism.

A greater oxygenation of the body’s cell is synonymous with general wellbeing. For optimal health, we need pure alkaline water, full of electrons and with a right molecular structure. This is what Fonte Azzurina is.